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Which products are designed to capture and store ready-mix concrete?

Every EnviroSac product in the Concrete product section is designed for concrete.

Which concrete applications require a Waterproof Liner Envirosac?

A waterproof liner is required for safely capturing and storing a concrete pump’s prime at the start (water, slurry or gel) and the water wash-out at the end of the job. An unlined EnviroSac can capture ready-mix alone.

How do I determine the size of sack needed for concrete work?

OverHaul, the largest EnviroSac we offer, can store 2 cubic yards. QuickStand, our smallest sack, holds .17 cubic yards. Our pump washout bags hold 1.3 and .8 cubic yards. We recommend keeping multiple sizes on hand (they stack flat) and gauging by the size of the job.

What are the rules regarding concrete washouts?

Discharges from concrete work have become a priority of the federal and state EPA, water quality control officials, regional and local inspectors as well as a strategic target of the advocacy groups.  Illegal discharges that can overflow containment structures and reach our waterways can bring hefty fines. Many states regulate discharges into groundwater and not just surface waters, as covered under the Clean Water Act. EnviroSac is designed to safely capture pump discharges and excess concrete.

What is woven polypropylene?

Woven polypropylene forms the exterior of each of our EnviroSac products. It is made by pressing long strings of polypropylene polymers together to make a thread-like strip, then weaving these fabrics as you would any other fabric.  The easy-to-stich fabric is used for many industrial uses including sand bags for flood prevention as well as packaging for bulk storage of food products like rice and coffee beans. 

Where do I get the PVC stand shown in the picture to keep the OverHaul upright?

The stand can be made with simple materials (PVC pipe etc.) from your building supply store. The complete list of materials is here.